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Watch: Armed Customer Steps In To Save Carjacking Victim

According to recent reports, the suspect in a Good Friday carjacking attempt was stymied when an armed witness fired at him. The incident occurred at a Smyrna, Ga., car wash during a busy business day and was captured by its surveillance camera.

Reports indicate four subjects targeted a female customer who jumped on the vehicle as they prepared to drive away. At that point, a city employee witnessed the crime in progress and grabbed his firearm.

Tasha Orr saw the entire incident and concluded that “if that guy didn’t shoot she probably would end up losing her life.”

Another witness, Arthur Lee, agreed.

“Something could have happened,” he said, “because she wasn’t letting go until that car would have thrown her off.”

Lee explained the shooter “had a gun in the door” and, though he stopped short of saying the suspect deserved to get shot, he said he “definitely deserved to get stopped.”

The other three suspects managed to escape in a red minivan and police continue to look for them as of the latest reports available. The injured would-be carjacker was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his shoulder injury and will face charges of aggravated assault and theft.

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