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Scott Walker Responds to Obama’s Verbal Attack

On the same day Barack Obama took a personal shot at Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker based on a disagreement over the controversial nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran, Walker hit back with a devastating assessment of Obama’s legacy.

Walker Obama

The war of words began when Walker asserted he would invalidate any such agreement as his first priority upon being elected president. Obama responded by calling the Republican governor’s approach “foolish” and suggesting he needs to “bone up” on matters of foreign policy.

Not to be outdone, Walker – a frontrunner among likely GOP White House contenders – issued a statement that read, in part:

President Obama’s failed leadership has put him at odds with many across the country, including members of his own party, and key allies around the world.

He went on to conclude that “Americans would be better served by a president who spent more time working with governors and members of Congress than attacking them.”


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