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Ted Cruz Wants to Ensure All Senators Are Not Saddled with Obama’s Failures


Leading voices within the GOP establishment are openly hoping to see a governor win the party’s presidential primary, lamented Sen. Ted Cruz – the first to announce his intention to seek the nomination. Addressing the argument in a recent meeting with young voters, he noted that American presidents have been split fairly evenly between former governors and former senators.

There have been good and bad presidents who were both. Jimmy Carter was a governor. He was a train wreck.

As for an aversion toward electing another senator after handing the White House to an unproven one-term senator named Barack Obama, Cruz insisted that the current administration does not represent any link between senators in general and their subsequent performances as commander-in-chief.

Obama is not a disaster because he was a senator. Obama is a disaster because he’s an unmitigated socialist.

Instead, Cruz suggested that establishment Republicans are backing governors in this election because the likely candidates who fall into that category also align most closely with the party’s moderate wing.


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