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72-Year-Old Grandmother Unleashes On Lazy Parents

In a recent rant, an elderly woman explained that she sees a direct correlation between laziness among the current generation of parents and a spike in criminal behavior by today’s youth. She began by recalling her own formative years – specifically how the lessons she learned differed greatly from the values currently influencing many young people.

“They raised us to be women,” she said, “raise our own children.”

Advocating a return to traditional values, she made a proclamation likely to earn the wrath of feminist activists.

“A woman’s place is in the home,” she said, “and a man’s place is to provide – and if he don’t provide, then you don’t need him.”

As for her own life, she said she is not personally affected by the shift in traditional roles.

“I got my man,” she continued. “I been done had him for 54 years; and I always had to be a woman. I been working since I was 7. I been raising children since I was 5. I been cooking since I was 4 and a half.”

Her concern is for the generations that came after her.

“These women today, all they know is McDonald’s fast food and stuff,” she declared. “They don’t know nothing about cooking and feeding no man. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Get your behind in there and cook and feed him.”

She asserted that responsibility is a two way street, though, instructing every woman to make sure her man “gets up off his butt and goes to work.”

Acknowledging that women “may not like me for saying it,” she concluded that “young women today don’t even raise their children – their children [are] raising them.”

It is this lack of responsibility, she insisted, that has contributed to delinquency and criminal behavior among kids.

Even at 72, she confirmed that she is still willing to work, lamenting the fact that younger, lazy Americans are perfectly happy sponging off of productive citizens.

“They stay in the system and use up the elderly’s money,” she said. “They been in the system and lay up there and get all of them children and expect us to help them take care of them. I’m sick of it.”


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