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Megyn Kelly Slams Chris Cuomo’s Comparison of Drawing Muhammad with Saying ‘N-Word’

In light of the recent shooting in Texas, a controversial ad campaign in D.C., and an anti-Islam rally in Arizona, pundits have spent a significant portion of the past month discussing whether Americans should provoke radical Muslims with such demonstrations. When CNN host Chris Cuomo compared these events to calling blacks “the N-word,” however, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly cried foul.

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Cuomo recently said any depiction of Muhammad should be avoided because they could be “offensive to a group of people,” leading Kelly to respond:

The question is, offensive to whom, Chris? There is a group that finds this offensive; and there are tens if not hundreds of millions who have no issue with it whatsoever.

Kelly’s guest, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, chimed in that Cuomo “is accepting the jihadist definition of what is offensive and unacceptable and can’t be said; and that is just absurd to have extremists setting the parameters of our free expression.”


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