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Paul Super PAC Criticized for ‘Birther’ Attack on Cruz

In its most recent online campaign ad, America’s Liberty PAC – which supports Rand Paul’s presidential bid – took shots at Barack Obama and fellow Republicans perceived as being weak on individual liberty.

The 60-second spot used stereotypical monster truck rally commercials as a starting point before quickly launching into attack mode. When it comes to White House hopeful Ted Cruz, some say the video went too far.

Capture (3)

Referring to Cruz as one of Obama’s “so-called conservative accomplices,” the ad goes on to disparagingly nickname him “the Capitulating Canadian.”

In addition to social media posts like this one…

Screenshot 2015-05-30 at 6.08.40 PM

…even conservative media outlets joined in the criticism.

A Hot Air review of the ad found it to be “pretty low budget and not particularly innovative or clever.” The article later decried the commercial’s producers for “playing into the entire neo-birther nonsense and calling Cruz a Canadian,” an intraparty squabble sure to delight the left-leaning press.

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2 Comments on Paul Super PAC Criticized for ‘Birther’ Attack on Cruz

  1. Richard Partridge // June 18, 2015 at 10:54 pm // Reply

    1913 was a bad year for our Republic. The domestic enemies of the Constitution spawned the Federal Reserve Act, and the Sixteenth Amendment,
    Then, in 1971 they completed our conversion from a free Republic into a totalitalitarian state by repealing the Common Law (People’s Law) that had governed English speaking people since 1215 and where a crime consisted of causing injury to another person or his/her property, to Statutory law (Ruler’s Law) where a crime is whatever our rulers say it is.


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