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Illinois Democrat Goes on House Floor Rant against Texas Republicans

In his continuing push to provide as many benefits to illegal immigrants as possible, Democrat Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez ridiculed Texas conservatives during a recent address from the floor of the U.S. House. After lamenting the fact that Lone Star State Republican leaders are not eager to grant citizenship privileges to illegals crossing the Texas-Mexico border, he declared:

Reality and Texas should really get to know one another.

Capture (8)

Gutierrez went on to assert that “for many of the Republican Party in Texas, crazy is a constituency that must be dealt with delicately.”

He also managed to shoehorn a reference to the controversial Jade Helm military exercise into his remarks, deriding those Texans who believe the federal government has some ulterior motive in labeling the state as hostile in training material. Before he concluded his address in Spanish, Gutierrez attempted to deliver a joke – “I assume [God] speaks Spanish, because He named His only Son Jesus” – that appeared to flop among his fellow lawmakers and drew subsequent criticism among those who felt it was made in bad taste.

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