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Christian DJ Fights for His Right to Refuse Gigs He Finds Immoral

A contentious community battle erupted when Michael Lampiris, co-owner of a Gaithersburg, Md., business providing local DJ services, was contacted to host a gay man’s birthday party. He declined the gig, citing company policy that makes it clear Ultrasound Deejays will not participate in any event its owners deem unbiblical.

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Far from discriminating against homosexuals, a company statement indicates owners will not provide services for gatherings that feature a litany of attractions, including magic, psychic readings or provocative dancing.

Tom Tsakounis, one of the men who wanted to book Ultrasound Deejays for the birthday celebration, has since filed a complaint with the Montgomery County Human rights Commission. As for Lampiris, however, he contends business owners should be allowed to operate in harmony with their religious beliefs.

While he hopes to avoid the same type of protracted, public battle that has already affected several businesses across the U.S., Lampiris concluded that he is ready to “make a stand if the good Lord is willing.”

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