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Three MSNBC Panelists Resort to Same Response When Pressed on Obama’s Gruber Lie

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough held his guests’ feet to the fire during a recent broadcast. Shortly after released emails proved MIT professor Jonathan Gruber was a central figure in drafting the ObamaCare law, the Morning Joe host asked three left-leaning panelists – Mark Halperin, Howard Dean and Harold Ford – if they could admit that the White House lied about Gruber’s involvement.

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Halperin responded first, offering the firmest denouncement of the Obama administration’s actions. He said:

I owe all my Republican sources an apology. They kept telling me he was hugely involved and the White House played it down. They were right. The Republicans were right.”

He stopped short, however, of asserting that the administration lied.

“I think they were not fully forthcoming,” he said, prompting both Dean and Ford to respond with some nearly identical version of his couched rhetoric.

An increasingly frustrated Scarborough wondered if “one person will call it straight,” turning to co-host Mika Brzezinski who did just that.

She concluded that it “appears” the White House lied, considering it “sought distance from Gruber after his comments that the administration used lack of transparency and, quote, the stupidity of the American voter, to pass healthcare reform.”

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