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Huckabee Promises to Counter Obama’s Rainbow Lights with White House Nativity Scene

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee reacted to last week’s Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage – and the subsequent celebration by social leftists – in a recent ABC interview. He told host George Stephanopoulos that the display of rainbow-colored lights on the front of the White House was particularly noteworthy, going on to describe how he might counter that act should he succeed Barack Obama as president:

When the president lit up the White House the other night with rainbow colors, I guess that’s his prerogative. If I become president, I just want to remind people that, please don’t complain if I were to put a nativity scene out during Christmas and say, ‘It’s my house. I get to do with it as I wish despite what other people around the country may feel about it.

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Huckabee explained that, while gay rights activists are celebrating the recent decision, they should consider what repercussions an activist high court could invite. He presented an apropos hypothetical scenario to illustrate his point:

We’re also going to say that every unborn person is in fact a person and is absolutely guaranteed due process. And therefore we would strike down the idea of abortion from conception forward. Is the left going to be OK to let the Supreme Court make that decision? Because, based on the response this week, I think they have to say, ‘Yes, that’s fine. When five lawyers on the Supreme Court make that decision, we’re OK with it.’

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