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America on the Cross

Editor’s note: This article is shared with permission from the author. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of The Extract News Network. This article may have been edited for clarity and/or length. Find more from Greg Pollitt here.

This past week the Supreme Court issued rulings on gay marriage. This is a fundamental re-definition of marriage which could even allow polygamy in the future discussions — bestiality, pedophilia etc. Now while homosexuals have every legal right by definition of the law to marry whom they deem necessary, are they morally right? This is the debate that will start because it is a gateway for other groups to start pushing their agenda for equality to marry farm animals and abuse children. The real issue is when is discrimination going to hit its limit?

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When is it too much?

You see now the problems arise that people of religion who oppose gay marriage will be persecuted because of their beliefs. Which brings us back to one of the major reasons our founding fathers fought for our independence. This ruling gives equal marriage rights but it opened the door to religious persecution. We have seen the lawsuits about cake makers, and stores refusing services because of their beliefs; but now if these people do not perform these services they are open to lawsuits, fines and could even force them to lose their livelihoods because of their faith.

This country is more divided more now than ever. We see more racial tension, religious oppression, and hate against authoritative figures than ever before. The tension is rising and we are possibly on the brink of a new Civil War.  This president has done more to favor everyone except Christians and Jews and has stated publicly that we need to change our religions to accept his views.  This is not the principle of our nation. This is only another example of tyranny being imposed by the left and their agenda to take away God, guns, and country and replace it with My house, my rules, my word is law — and that is not the American way.

Soon you will see even more of racial tensions and division. You will see persecution of religion and religious views coming to a boil inside every religious faction till they explode and erupt into issues that will rip apart this nation once again. We are seeing leaders of the Black Panther organizations threaten ISIS style attacks on “White Americans” when we should be seeing them and the NAACP preaching peace and bring the communities together attacking important issues such as drugs and poverty and senseless violence. We should have a leader of the United States leading the calm of attacks against our law enforcement and proposing a message of resolve instead of pushing persecution and racism.

My question to you is not of whether or not gays have a right to marry or not and we aren’t disputing the legality of those civil rights, but how can everyone have their cake and eat it too?

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