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What is the Homosexual Agenda’s End Game?

Editor’s note: This editorial was originally published in 2012. I republish it in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage.

Advocates for the gay lifestyle seem to have a never-ending roster of tactics through which to preach their brand of tolerance. While demanding acceptance from those with traditional values, anyone voicing the slightest opposition to their radical agenda is labeled a bigoted homophobe.

Their relentless attacks on those with whom they disagree causes me to question not only their motive but to what end they ply their intolerant trade. Why do so many gay advocates seek to silence any opposition?

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Dan Cathy has never espoused hate for anyone; instead, his business has donated millions upon millions of dollars to worthy causes of all stripes and provides excellent service and employment opportunities to those of any sexual orientation. Despite that, he has been called nearly every negative name in the liberal book for daring to believe Biblical principles and truths.

Churches preaching much the same message are targeted by vandals or threatened with their lease by those offended by their Constitutionally-protected practice of free speech. With so much effort to quash any politically incorrect (read: biblically correct) thought on the subject hints at a deeper, possibly more sinister, objective.

Some homosexuals claim they want equality, which any decent human would agree they should have. After all, one of our most precious founding documents upholds the belief we are all created equal. That implies there is a Creator, though, so I’m not sure if the radical left would accept that as a valid point.

The simple fact is, whether they like it or not, homosexuals are equal. Gays have exactly the same marriage rights as anyone else in America. Discrimination only occurs when someone is denied a right they would otherwise have, and since no one can marry someone of the same sex under federal law, everyone is on equal legal footing. Sure, a gay man may want to marry his partner and even believe he should be able to, but the feeling or belief of discrimination does not make it so.

No major government in human history has tried to completely erase any difference between heterosexual and homosexual relationships, but I believe this to be exactly what the gay agenda is about. Indoctrinating youth with the message, often contrary to what their parents want to teach them, that homosexuality is natural and as normal in every way as traditional sexual orientation is one effective tactic. Denigrating Christians and elevating themselves, gay activists will apparently not be satisfied until the gay lifestyle is actually considered superior to that of “breeders.”

Government schools should not exist to reinforce the approved values of a vocal minority, though more and more actual education is left by the wayside for pro-gay indoctrination and other left-wing ideology.

Demonizing the right for their traditional views has been a tactic used in numerous national discussions, e.g. abortion, with the intended result of attaching the stigma of hatred to anyone expressing contrary beliefs. Advocates for gay marriage are doing the same thing while forcing their own skewed morals onto the general population.

With gay characters in almost every television series, Americans falsely believe that over-representation reflects the actual gay population. One poll showed that Americans believe up to one-fourth of the population is gay while the actual number is closer to a paltry three percent.

So the left’s practice relating to the gay agenda is to demonize the opposition, indoctrinate the youth, and oversaturate the marketplace with its ideology. The same tactics are employed for just about every failed liberal policy, and always for the same reason.

For all their activism against bullying, those on the godless left has no option in disseminating their viewpoint aside from forcing it onto the masses through their virtual stranglehold of areas including media and education. When explaining what they stand for, they are exposed as the anti-liberty secularists they really are. Their screams for tolerance and inclusion fall short when one realizes they refer only to those with whom they agree.

Castigating the boogeymen on the right, though, gives some the perception they have the moral high ground. Cursory investigation into their stated beliefs will prove the left is merely trying to steamroll the right into submission, with the intended result of 100 percent political correctness. The cost, of course, would be an absolute loss of freedom and the abolition of the Judeo-Christian belief system. For the left, this is just icing on the cake.

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