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MSNBC panelist thinks FCC should fine reporters who are not trans-inclusive enough

NBC BLK contributor Danielle Moodie-Mills recently joined a panel on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry for a discussion of the media’s transgender coverage. Moodie-Mills was indignant that some members of the press are not as anxious to embrace the whims of the gender confused as she and other transgender activists.

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She suggested:

There needs to be some type of fine that’s put into place for outlets, for media outlets that, whether they be print, online, radio or what have you, that decide they are just not going to call people by their name, right? And they’re just going to misgender them just because they can.

In Moodie-Mills’ utopia, a special interest group like GLAAD would be able to determine what type of language could legally be used in America’s newsrooms.

There are guidelines that have been put into place by GLAAD, right? That have been put out to all press outlets. And if you don’t follow them, you should be fined by the FCC. It should be that serious.

She has yet to announce whether she would support similar fines against reporters who fail use language approved by pro-life or pro-gun advocacy groups.

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