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The View panel defends former cohost against accusations of racism

Four of the five panelists on The View discussing recent criticism of Fox News host Elizabeth Hasselbeck expressed support for the former cohost. Hasselbeck has faced accusations of racism after asking a former police officer on air whether Sandra Bland could have attempted to use her lit cigarette as a weapon before she was arrested and ultimately found dead in her cell.

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Whoopie Goldberg, who hosted The View alongside Hasselbeck, was the first to defend her against cries of racism, saying she “has not asked me to pick cotton.”

She continued by expressing support for Hasselbeck’s professionalism:

And people are up her butt because she asked that question. So somehow, suddenly it is no longer OK to pose a question that will give you an answer to understand best what’s going on.

Raven-Symone and Rosie Perez, also minorities, echoed Goldberg’s sentiment. The former asserted that she does not think it is fair for minorities to exclude whites from certain conversations based on their skin color.

As for Perez, she thinks Hasselbeck was just doing her job in “asking a provocative question,” wondering if Matt Lauer would face similar criticism.

Michelle Collins was the sole voice of opposition against Hasselbeck, painting her – and the Fox News Channel – as blatantly biased.

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1 Comment on The View panel defends former cohost against accusations of racism

  1. If she had used the cigarette as a weapon, at least the cop would have had a reason for roughing her up.


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