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Trump fires shot across party lines, calls O’Malley ‘disgusting’ and ‘pathetic baby’

Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley faced pressure to apologize last month after informing a protester that “all lives,” not just black ones, matter. Dutifully, the former Maryland governor turned to Internet personality L. Joy Williams – host of This Week in Blackness– to make amends to the black community.

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump reacted harshly to the mea culpa, insisting O’Malley had said nothing wrong:

How can you apologize when you say black lives matter, which is true; white lives matter, which is true; all lives; which is true, and then they get angry because you said white and all? We don’t want you to mention that. What’s he need to apologize for?

O’Malley’s capitulation, Trump concluded, makes him a “disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby.”

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