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Trump’s security chief responds to rough protester in kind

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign has garnered both adoration and ridicule for its sharp deviation from the political norm. From releasing another candidate’s cell phone number to his firm rhetoric on illegal immigration, Trump’s supporters applaud his frankness while many critics view him as too combative to be president.

The latest controversy surrounding his White House bid, however, did not stem from his fiery rhetoric.

Following a media event Thursday, one particularly rowdy protester reportedly caught the attention of Trump’s security director, Keith Schiller.

A video released by NY1 shows the Schiller approach a protester, identified as Efrain Galacia, and take a sign from his hands. Galacia pursues Schiller, grabbing him from behind and prompting a swift reaction.

The Trump staffer turned and smacked Galacia in his face, knocking the protester off balance and stumbling into another security guard.

Galacia, whose confiscated sign read ‘Trump: Make America Racist Again,’ shared his reaction with reporters already gathered at the scene.

He said that Trump “thinks he can do whatever he wants in this country,” concluding that his guards are “just acting like their boss.”

Many social media users, however, felt the response was justified if not timid.

Screenshot 2015-09-04 at 9.59.15 PM

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