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Poll: Trump advances with tea party, women despite portrayal as liberal misogynist

National polling results continue to show Donald Trump far outpacing any of his Republican presidential rivals.

The latest survey by CNN and ORC shows the billionaire has seen an eight-point bump over the past month, making him the first 2016 GOP candidate to earn more than 30 percent support. According to pollsters, Trump remains securely in first place with 32 percent favorability. Further analysis shows two specific groups contributed heavily to his increase.

Despite concerns among some critics that his rhetoric borders on misogynistic, Trump’s popularity among Republican women has spiked 13 percent among Republican women since August. Nearly one in three women polled responded that they support Trump.

It was among tea party supporters, though, that Trump saw an even bigger popularity spike. Revealing an increase of 14 points over last month’s data, the poll shows 41 percent of those who align with the conservative movement are backing Trump’s White House bid.

His continued success among GOP conservatives and women runs contrary to the assertion of some critics in the party who believe he is working at cross-purposes with both demographics.

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Republican college graduates in the party were similarly more likely to back Trump’s campaign than in previous polls. While just 16 percent of the group favored Trump in August, that number has nearly doubled to 28 percent in the latest report.

Though he remains head and shoulders above his rivals, others – specifically fellow non-politician Ben Carson – have seen big boosts over the last month.

Overall, Carson trails Trump by 13 points with 19 percent favorability. Despite the deficit, however, he remains the only other candidate polling in double-digit territory.

Carson’s favorability has jumped by 10 points since August.

On the other hand, establishment candidate Jeb Bush continues to falter. He is currently in third place, according to the poll, with nine percent support. Bush is just two points ahead of fourth-place contender Ted Cruz.

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