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NFL star rebukes Black Lives Matter activist who used his picture in racist meme

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman reacted harshly – and personally – to a racially motivated activist who posted an image of the NFL star along with a violently racist message.

Capture (18)

Sherman excoriated King Noble for including his likeness in such a vulgar way before denouncing the controversial activist on a number of issues.

He explained that he, too, could rail against an invented white oppressor, but to do so would be “a lie.”

According to Sherman, every American – regardless of race or status – has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Activists like Noble, however, teach blacks that they are hopelessly oppressed. Such indoctrination often becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Much of Sherman’s rant was a direct indictment of Noble’s message and his method of delivering it. He concluded that the facts are on his side:

I would love to debate you on national [TV]. And if you condone senseless [black] shootings of whites and police officers we better make that debate on Springer so I can bitch slap your ignorant ass! You are what is keeping and making the black race look bad.

He went on to describe Noble as “half a man” and one of the “cheap thugs” peddling racial discord.

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