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Black Lives Matter critique cost North Carolina police chief his job

In a recent Facebook post, Surf City, N.C., Police Chief Mike Halstead expressed opposition to the anti-police activist movement known as Black Lives Matter. His sometimes profane screed included his perception that a societal double standard permits blacks to behave inappropriately without fear of consequence.

He also had harsh words for Barack Obama for exacerbating the discord and mainstream media outlets for profiting from it. The open letter continued:

When a black thug is killed by the police they are all over it as is Mr. Barack Obama. However when a police officer white, black or any race is murdered for doing his job the media is short with [its] reporting or not a tall. When a white person is killed by a black officer you hear nothing. Has our so called President spoke publicly about these murders of police officers by blacks, HELL NO he has not. Step up Mr. President, or step down because we do not need you.

After city leaders heard of his controversial post, the called an emergency meeting that ended with Halstead’s apparently forced decision to retire. The result did not sit well with many locals, including Brandy Cuff:

Someone who spent 35 years of dedicated service can’t post his opinion or have an opinion about that? Someone who has to watch his fellow brothers in uniform be murdered, he can’t have an opinion? It makes no sense.

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