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White House summarizes GOP platform as ‘offensive views’

Responding to the early breakaway success of Donald Trump’s presidential bid, White House spokesperson John Earnest criticized the unconventional front-runner by ridiculing the entire Republican Party.

Specifically, Earnest took exception to a town hall audience member whose question to Trump suggested Barack Obama is a Muslim.

“Is anyone really surprised that this happened at a Trump rally?” he asked. “I don’t think anybody who has been paying attention to Republican politics is at all surprised.”

Trump, Earnest continued, appeals to “people who hold these offensive views” – a group he said has become “the biggest base of any Republican politician these days.”

The Obama mouthpiece continued:

What is also unfortunate is Mr. Trump is not the first Republican politician to countenance these sorts of views to win votes. In fact, that is precisely what every presidential candidate is doing when they do not denounce the cynical strategy of Donald Trump, because they want the same votes. … So those are the priorities of today’s Republican Party, and they will continue to be until somebody in the Republican Party decides to summon the courage to stand up and change it.

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