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Sen. Sessions takes firm stand against Syrian refugee influx

Numerous conservative lawmakers have expressed concern over Barack Obama’s plan to welcome nearly 200,000 Muslim refugees into the nation over the next two years. One of the most outspoken critics has been Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, who said Monday:

The U.S. has already taken in four times more immigrants than any other nation on Earth. Our foreign-born population share is set to break every known historical record.

That added stress, he noted, is a major infrastructural concern. In addition to being eligible for taxpayer-funded welfare programs, Sessions said:

Our schools, job markets and public resources are already stretched too thin. And, even at current rates, we have no capacity to screen for extremist ideology, as we have seen with the surge of ISIS recruitment in Minnesota’s refugee community.

Expanding on that point, Sessions explained that roughly 1.5 million Muslims have immigrated to America since 9/11. Bringing more in based on their supposed refugee status, he concluded, could be detrimental to America and an increasingly volatile Middle East.

At bottom, it is not a sound policy to respond to the myriad problems in the Middle East by encouraging millions to abandon their home. Absorbing the region’s migrants is not a long-term strategy for stabilizing the region. Instead, we should look soberly at our most recent actions in Libya, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere while encouraging migrant populations to remain in the region where they can contribute to social and political reforms.

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