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New N.C. restaurant already under fire from PC activists over ‘racist’ statues

Reports indicate a number of Charlotte, N.C., residents are upset over the décor at a new Mexican restaurant. Among the eclectic artwork on display at Hot Taco are two statues depicting Latino men at rest.

The restaurant’s use of such statues has sparked some local outrage, spearheaded by one woman who is now collecting signatures to petition for their removal. Amalia Deloney alleged that the “lazy Mexican” statues are “totally against everything … that Charlotte stands for.”

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She went on to call them a “mockery of the culture,” expressing indignation that such displays could even exist in a modern society:

This is something I was certain, you know, had been dealt with. You know, I didn’t expect to see it in 2015. I didn’t expect to see it in front of a restaurant so prominently displayed.

Plenty of locals, along with those who are following the story via social media, do not share Deloney’s cynicism. Customer Christian Leon explained:

I’m Hispanic. I think it’s just a Mexican restaurant and it’s a statue.

Several Charlotte Observer readers shared similar reactions. One commenter wondered why Deloney did not “presume these guys have been working hard all day” instead of assuming they were merely slothful.

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