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Mark Levin says the left’s anti-life stance extends beyond abortion

In light of the latest mass shooting, Barack Obama joined the chorus of gun control activists by admittedly politicizing the tragedy. Syndicated radio host Mark Levin expressed indignation over the response:

Now I don’t know what Obama thinks–or any of the people on the left think–that just by outlawing more and more guns or controlling more and more law-abiding people, that somehow you’re going to reduce the murder rate. You’re not going to reduce the murder rate. You’re not going to do it. You’ve got to change the culture.

While he advocated a renewed emphasis on law enforcement as one of several steps toward preventing future massacres, Levin acknowledged that Obama is less concerned about solutions than advancing his agenda. He continued:

We don’t even have the facts in this case. We don’t have border control. We don’t control who’s coming here. That he doesn’t care about.

According to Levin, this reaction is indicative of an overarching theme of Obama’s ideology:

There’s something about liberalism that truly does not have an appreciation for human life.

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1 Comment on Mark Levin says the left’s anti-life stance extends beyond abortion

  1. Read up on Australia. They had gun violence issues on par with those in America. They passed sensible legislation, and gun violence dramatically declined. Don’t just blog. Educate yourself first. As for borders. Business owners and farmers have pressed their Republican legislators to keep them open for decades to provide cheap – below market value – labor. Republicans have no coherent immigration plan. D’s have long proposed plans, and every time get shot down by Republican legislators, governors and presidents. But guns… We’re owners. And we believe in ownership. Look at Australia, and look at what gun crime costs the U.S. annually, and then write a sensible post… something that contributes to a solution.


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