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Surviving WDBJ victim explains why laws won’t end gun violence

Roughly a month after narrowly surviving a televised shooting that left two employees of a Virginia television station dead, Vicki Gardner watched in horror last week as another gunman targeted individuals at an Oregon community college.

While the immediate reaction of many prominent leftists — including Barack Obama — was to enact even stricter gun control legislation, Gardner suggested a different approach:

Since that incident, I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate this complicated social phenomenon and how it can be resolved.

Instead of regulating or confiscating guns, she advised, the real solution relies on families and communities taking a vested interest in the individuals close to them. Gardner concluded:

Perhaps it is parents monitoring more closely what their children consume in the terms of media. And, as adults, maybe it’s refusal to give into our baser desires of enjoying for entertainment what we abhor in our culture. On a community level, let’s begin by ‘loving our neighbor as ourselves.’ We can draw closer, get to know our neighbors, work together and hold each other accountable.

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