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Students suspended, labeled racist for giving rivals customary gift

As has been the case in previous years, two Texas high schools recently exchanged gifts as a goodwill gesture following a football game. Atascocita High School band members presented Summer Creek High School with a bucket containing fruit and candy.

Reports indicate that the mixture included a coconut, a pineapple and a small watermelon. Though it is unclear which of the contents Atascocita administrators found offensive, they were pretty direct in accusing the kids of racism.

Today, school administrators conducted an investigation and after considering the totality of the circumstances, determined that the gift was inappropriate and lacked good sportsmanship. Atascocita High School will not tolerate racial insensitivity.

Some of the students took the accusation – and subsequent suspension – especially hard. One band member asserted that no one had any motivation other than good sportsmanship in giving the other school the gift.

We didn’t do anything wrong. We wouldn’t do that because we know better than that. Our parents raised us better.

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1 Comment on Students suspended, labeled racist for giving rivals customary gift

  1. Ridiculous! A pineapple, a coconut and a watermelon. Love all three fruits. If someone gave them to me, I would say, “thank you.” Now whenever I eat one, I need to think RACISM? I remember cutting and decorating a watermelon for a baby shower. The baby did not grow up to be a racist. No one attending mentioned racism. In fact it was the best baby buggy, ever. It is becoming evident that if one is constantly on the lookout for something to push a certain agenda, eventually one will find it. Who knew it would be a fruit? Give the kids a break and at the very least, the benefit of the doubt. These kids are playing sports not committing crimes. Grow up, adults!


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