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Baffling traffic stop highlights nanny state extremism

A Minnesota motorist recalled her encounter with a St. Paul cop who pulled her over as she merged onto an interstate Monday. When she saw the police cruiser’s lights behind her, Lindsey Krieger said she had no idea why she was being stopped:

I didn’t even have enough time to merge up to the right speed limit yet, so I wasn’t speeding or anything like that.

After substantial back-and-forth between her and the female officer, Krieger said she finally learned what she had ostensibly done wrong:

And finally after asking me a few more times, she says, ‘Drinking coffee. It’s against the law to drink coffee while you’re driving.

Krieger said she was “dumbfounded” and initially thought the experience had been a joke. While the St. Paul Police Department stands behind the officer, even local safe-driving advocate Jon Cummings thinks the incident demonstrates the department’s misplaced priorities:

Every car you drive has cup holders in it. You don’t have to go three blocks before you see somebody doing something really dangerous. Those are the people we should be focusing on.

While Krieger said she only received a warning on the coffee possession rap, she was charged with failure to wear a seatbelt despite reportedly only removing it after she pulled over.

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