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Rush Limbaugh responds to claims that he singlehandedly destroyed feminism

While venerable talk show host Rush Limbaugh is bombastic enough to claim credit when he feels it is due, he took exception to radical feminist Gloria Steinem’s recent accusation that he effectively derailed the feminist movement. She addressed the issue during a recent interview, claiming:

The word ‘feminism’ has been turned into a bad word by Rush Limbaugh who talks about feminazis every day.

She went on to define feminists as “a person, male or female, who believes in the full equality of women and men,” which Limbaugh found disingenuous. He replied:

But her definition is not even close to the way the feminazis use the entire feminist movement. It was based in leftist ideology. It was based on men are predators and men are evil and men are men. It was designed to create a war between and against men and women. All I did was expose it.

He concluded his rebuttal by questioning why Steinem and other feminist leaders do not apply their own standards uniformly:

Feminism, supposedly, Gloria Steinem says – equality for all. Ask Paula Jones about that> As any of the women abused by Bill Clinton. Where was the NOW gang?

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