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Stacey Dash receives illiterate hate mail after posting pro-gun social media image

Actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash first began irritating leftists en masse when she publicly announced her support for Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. Since then, she has opined on a number of issues, expressing conservative views many in the black community believe have made her a race traitor.

Her recent purchase of a firearm continued that trend.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 at 4.09.31 PM

Thousands of social media users chimed in with their take on the photo. Many supported her decision, though a few demonstrated their own comparative brilliance by challenging Dash’s faculties.

“U r officially stupid,” one critic wrote, prompting another like-minded user to add:

And your [sic] officially an idiot!

In addition to ad hominem attacks on her intelligence, at least a few of her critics wished to see her commit suicide with her new gun.

A few gun rights supporters challenged Dash’s assertion that she is now a “licensed” gun owner, pointing out that she has likely only filled out paperwork related to her background check. The Second Amendment, many such commenters noted, is the only license an American gun owner needs.

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1 Comment on Stacey Dash receives illiterate hate mail after posting pro-gun social media image

  1. Stacy Dash is TOTALLY HOT!! a star,beautiful,intelligent,informed,AND a gun lover too,,,,makes me wish I was 20 years younger,I’d camp on her doorstep!!!


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