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Rubio camp makes light work of Democrat calls for his resignation

When Jeb Bush suggested rival Marco Rubio should resign from the U.S. Senate to pursue his presidential ambitions, the Florida lawmaker immediately shot back with a memorable line:

Do you know how many votes John McCain missed when he was carrying out that furious comeback you’re now modeling? Jeb, I don’t remember you ever complaining about John McCain’s voting record. The only reason why you’re doing it now is because we are running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you.

The chamber’s top Democrat, Harry Reid, took Bush’s criticism a step further, insisting Rubio “hates the Senate” and should step down from his post:

For Marco Rubio here to dump on the Senate, this institution established by our founding fathers, he should be ashamed of himself. And the people of Florida, why they put up with it I don’t know.

Alex Conant, a source within the Rubio campaign, quickly reacted to this shot across the aisle with a statement to TheBlaze:

I must have forgotten Harry Reid similarly calling on Barack Obama to resign the Senate when he missed even more votes to run for president. It’s obvious that Democrat leaders are very worried that Marco will beat Clinton next year.

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