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Democrat pushes back against party’s ‘crazy’ Islamic terror denial

In a recent conversation with HBO’s Bill Maher, Democrat Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard echoed theĀ Real TimeĀ host’s plea to his fellow leftists to identify and address the actual cause of global terrorism. Maher sparked the discussion:

You say you don’t like it when Secretary [of State John] Kerry, for example, says that we should say, oh, it comes from poverty or, I think he said it comes from thrill-seeking, Islamic extremism. And President Obama says we shouldn’t even say ‘Islamic extremism,’ we should say ‘violent extremism.’

Gabbard agreed, encouraging anyone addressing the issue to embrace honesty rather than political correctness:

It’s crazy. … Words mean things, and this is what we need to look at as we look at how do we identify our enemies so that we can defeat them. By saying that they’re looking for thrill seeking or that economic prosperity will solve the problem? Give them a big house, give them a skateboard, send them on their way. You think that’s going to solve the problem? It’s not.

Failure to adequately denounce Islamic extremism, she concluded, not only denies the existence of an absolute moral wrong but inherently diminishes our chances of defeating it.

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