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Kentucky’s conservative governor-elect cites 10th Amendment in anti-EPA rant

Having already gained national attention for defeating a Democrat front-runner to become the Kentucky’s first GOP governor in decades, Matt Bevin is making waves for his plans to buck federal regulators he feels stifle the state’s potential.

Specifically, he noted the natural resources – i.e., coal – being squandered due to the regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency:

Why is it that we in Kentucky, that sit on two extraordinary basins … are not participating in something that the world wants more of than they ever have?

Bevin went on to note that his state is constitutionally protected against federal forces attempting to exert undue influence on Kentuckians. His preferred course of action is straightforward:

And so, from my way of thinking, we will tell the EPA and other unelected officials – who have no legal authority over us as a state – to pound sand.

Beyond suing the state, he said the agency has no legitimate authority to force its will upon individual states.

They use federal dollars. They use our own money. They bribe us with our own money to stick it to ourselves; and we will not do that anymore in the state of Kentucky.

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