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Berkeley group plans to cover Tuesday’s debate with assumption that all Republicans are racist

Though it is being hailed by organizers as an effort to root out racism in both parties, a group of Democrats at the University of California at Berkeley are catching plenty of flak on and off campus for its plan to live-tweet Tuesday’s GOP presidential debate. Cal Berkeley Democrats encouraged others to watch the event closely, sharing “racist tropes” being used by the White House hopefuls on stage.

In an attempt to portray the activism as above the political fray, an announcement by the campus group stated:

And as a final note, we encourage everyone to remember that the strategic use of racism to get votes is a practice engaged in by Democrats and Republicans alike. … A race conscious electorate needs to be just as skeptical of Democrats as well.

As of this writing, the only comment posted on a Facebook description of the event is from an individual who said the idea would be “more interesting if it covered a Democratic debate.”

Calling for the event to be cancelled, Berkeley College Republicans issued a response lambasting the idea that the Democrats are seriously open to hearing opposing ideas:

The organizers of the event also claim that the event is open to those of all political beliefs. However, the event is co-hosted by the Cal Berkeley Democrats so that claim is dubious at best. Rather this event is being framed as independent but from all appearances is actually a partisan attack on Republican presidential candidates, funded and supported by taxpayer and student tuition dollars.


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