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House DHS Cmte. Chair: ‘Rise up’ against Obama’s plans to house terrorists in the U.S.

Republican Texas Rep. Mike McCaul on Sunday spoke out against Barack Obama’s plans to close Guantanamo Bay and relocate the terror suspects being held there to prisons within the United States. In a recent interview, McCaul said he predicts Obama is preparing to issue an executive order to that end.

If that happens, he cautioned, there might be little the legislative branch can do to reverse course:

Well, he’s done this before; and it’s kind of hard to stop this action. I would hope the American people would rise up in numbers so strongly that, as he tried to do this last time, that he’ll decide to back down from that decision.

While such a popular uprising might be effective in the short term, McCaul said that it would be all but unavoidable when citizens begin to realize the impact of moving terrorists onto U.S. soil.

If they set foot on American soil, at a military prison, I predict the American people will stand up in outrage over this decision for many reasons.

He concluded that Obama’s plan is “highly reckless and irresponsible,” adding it would lead to “a heightened terror alert threat in the United States.”


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