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Armed Illinois woman jumps to boyfriend’s defense as he is brutally beaten

A 68-year-old Macomb County, Ill., man is recovering from several serious injuries following a vicious attack last week at his home. The fact that he survived the beating at all is likely a testament to his girlfriend’s preparedness.

According to Bonnie LaRose, she saw her partner of 13 years, Steve Miller, lying on the ground as a neighbor pummeled him. She said she immediately grabbed her revolver and ran outside to intervene.

After confronting the neighbor, identified as Jerry Ficht, LaRose said she “took a stance to shoot” and told the aggressor “three times I would shoot him and kill him.”

Ficht apparently thought better of staying on the scene. He was arrested at his home a short time later.

Miller, who was permanently injured in a car crash nearly 25 years ago, is in store for a long recovery, LaRose said. He reportedly sustained a fractured skull among other serious injuries and still requires assistance when walking.

The suspect, with whom LaRose said neither she nor Miller have had any prior acrimony, is facing up to a decade behind bars in connection to the attack.

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