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Judge rules that requiring cops to be in shape discriminates against women

In compliance with a recent court order, the Colorado Springs Police Department will not require its officers to meet minimum physical fitness standards this year. After hearing the evidence in a civil suit filed by a dozen female officers, a judge ruled that fitness tests are discriminatory.

A federal court will have the final say on the issue, though the officers moved to desk duty after failing the physical exam are now reportedly back on patrol. Many in the community are concerned that reduced standards will impact officers and the citizens they serve. Mary Jo Piccin:

The police need to be able to chase down the criminals.

She went on to recall a time before fitness standards were in place, noting that there were some “pretty hefty police officers” on duty.

Though he plans to comply with the judge’s ruling, Chief Pete Carey made his opposition to it clear.

I very firmly stand behind physical fitness testing for our officers. I think what I’m making them do is fair; and my hope is that a federal court agrees with that.

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