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Lawmaker steps in when DMV clerk denies ‘offensive’ anti-terrorism license plate

When the time came for one Bakersfield, Calif., resident to obtain new tags for his vehicle, reports indicate he decided to make a statement by purchasing personalized plates. In an effort to support the fight against Islamic extremism, he chose the message ‘No ISIS’ to display on his bumper.

Though the state initially approved the request, reports indicate he arrived at the DMV to pick them up only to be denied service by a clerk who asserted that she found the statement offensive.

The indignant motorist then solicited the help of his elected officials, ultimately finding an ally in Assemblywoman Shannon Grove. She recalled:

I couldn’t believe that he was denied right her in Kern County. It’s not like San Francisco or Los Angeles. So I said, ‘I’ll be right there.’

Grove’s intervention helped, and the patron was finally given the plates he purchased. As for the government employee who unilaterally determined a tag’s message to be inappropriate, Grove has some pointed criticism:

I was upset that he was a constituent that called. I wanted to make sure he got his product he paid for by the state. I was even more upset that we had an individual at the DMV who took their personal preference to deny this individual their right to have that plate when they paid for it.

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