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Gay commentator explores different reason to oppose Syrian refugee invasion

In a recent editorial, Milo Yiannopoulous examined the personal reasons he stands firmly against the Obama administration’s plans to integrate 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. over the next year. Echoing the sentiment of those concerned about the security risk the largely unvetted immigrants pose in light of Friday’s attacks in Paris, he wrote:

We now know that at least one of the Paris terrorists came into Europe posing as a ‘refugee.’ This confirms all the worst fears of progressive commentators who were hoping the political Right was wrong about the security threat mass immigration presented.

Going further, however, he extrapolated the impact of such an Islamic influx on his life as a gay man. Prepared to absorb allegations of intolerance for taking a firm position, Yiannopoulous opined:

Maybe my gayness is standing in the way of a Muslim utopia … but I’m going to be selfish here and say maybe we don’t import all the people who want to murder me.

Citing trends – including the cancellation of a “needlessly provocative” gay pride parade in Sweden – he suggested that the tide is already beginning to turn against the gay community ostensibly championed by leftist leaders. He concluded that “Muslim immigrants will never adapt to western cultures,” yet “expect us to expand our progressive worldview by accepting Islam’s bronze-age barbarism.”

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