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College speech codes: ‘Man cave’ both sexist and racist

Long gone are the days in which an American could utter an innocuous phrase and be instantly labeled racist or sexist. Thanks to recent advancements in university-level thought policing, there is now at least one nearly ubiquitous term that could earn you both distinctions at once.

Though one could argue that the phrase ‘man cave’ has become clichéd due to its overuse during the past decade, a California college student recently penned an editorial decrying the pair of words as deeply hurtful.

San Francisco State University’s Kalani Ruidas wrote in her school’s newspaper that “the gendered language around ‘man cave’ is pretty gross.”

Not only are women hurt by the existence of the phrase and the space it describes, she continued, but so are the men who use it:

It’s as if these men are victimizing themselves and require refuge to revel in their false sense of masculinity.

In further denigrating the practice of male bonding, Ruidas went on to allege those who take part are sex-crazed racists, as well. She concluded:

[A] man cave is a place where a man devolves into a grunting subhuman that leaves sexist and racist comments on message boards, then furiously masturbates to free porn.

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3 Comments on College speech codes: ‘Man cave’ both sexist and racist

  1. What. The. Hell. A man cave is not that big of a deal. And if women are ‘hurt by the phrase’ are men allowed to be hurt by the phrase ‘beauty salon’ or ‘day spa’ or anything else that mostly women take part in. No. Because its dumb.
    What has the world come to??


  2. Man caves are traditionally places of solitude (like a garden shed or spare bedroom) for a man to escape his (perhaps female dominated) family home. Women often own the kitchen and other communal spaces and a man cave is where a man can claim a bit of territory for himself. They are not usually places where men congregate, although I guess at weekends they might squeeze into a garden shed to tinker with a motorbike engine and have a few beers.

    The fear of man caves and the desire to eradicate them is basically the same fear cotton plantation owners would have experienced if they found out their slaves had a ‘slave cave’ where they could potentially meditate and/ or congregate and share their true feelings and perhaps reinforce each other’s resentment at being exploited. …. and perhaps even make plans to liberate themselves from their allotted role in life.

    Feminists and SJW’s have a deep fear that men might one day choose to reject their traditional ‘he for she’ gender roles en masse.


  3. both men and women need some time by themselves to bond or whatever.


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