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Philadelphia businesses banned from labeling restrooms based on gender

As part of the leftist effort to placate a vocal minority of gender deviants, a number of largely unpopular laws have been proposed, and often passed, that give transgender individuals what some see as preferential treatment.

Critics have complained that these policies make others uncomfortable, especially when they are forced to share a private experience with a member of the opposite sex. In addition to that concern is the compliance cost associated with any new mandate by which business owners must abide.

Nevertheless, pro-transgender legislation continues to pass at all levels of the government, with a wide swath of the nation left wondering where the pandering will end. One recent example will affect businesses in Philadelphia which offer their customers single-stall restrooms.

According to a bill Mayor Michael Nutter signed this week, these facilities must be gender-neutral by next January. In defending the move, he said:

This legislation expands and strengthens gender-identity protections and is an important step in support of our LGBT community, especially our transgender community members.

A number of online commenters not only questioned the assertion that the bill is “important,” but wondered how such an insignificant issue warranted the city government’s consideration. Writing on The Blaze, one reader opined:

Meanwhile, radical Islam is ruining the world, but HEAVEN FORBID, someone is uncomfortable choosing which bathroom to use.

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