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Mizzou professor arrested, accused of assaulting girl for not wearing hijab

As students and faculty at the University of Missouri protest unsubstantiated allegations of on-campus racism, at least one of the college’s educators is being charged with brutally enforcing his own brand of cultural intolerance. Youssif Zaghwani Omar, identified as an assistant professor at the university, was arrested last week after allegedly assaulting a teen girl.

Columbia, Mo., authorities indicated that Omar attacked the juvenile because she dared attend school without wearing an Islamic headscarf, or hijab.

Police spokesperson Latisha Stroer shared with the Columbia Tribune what authorities believe an angry Omar, 53, did to the 14-year-old family member. He allegedly grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” before dragging her out of Hickman High School and down a flight of stairs.

University of Missouri assistant professor Youssif Zaghwani Omar was arrested after an altercation at a high school in Columbia, Missouri, where he physically attacked a 14-year-old girl for going to school without wearing a hijab, according to police.

Witnesses also reportedly noticed Omar, a Libyan native, slap the teen in the face as he pulled her into his vehicle.

He was arrested at his home on the day before Thanksgiving, reports indicate, and faces a felony child abuse charge. He has subsequently been released on $4,500 bond.

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