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Hillary’s latest campaign promise brings tab to $1 trillion

According to Republican sources, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s pledge to cut middle class taxes stands in direct opposition to her promise to provide huge taxpayer-funded social programs. Her wide-ranging campaign pledges have already reached a $1 trillion price tag, reports indicate, with more than a quarter of that amount announced over the past weekend with the Clinton infrastructure plan.

In making the case for the $275 billion program, Clinton said on Sunday that a “strong economy” starts “by building strong infrastructure today.”

Instead of kick-starting a sluggish economy, though, her detractors say the real impact of her promises would be a devastated middle class. In a statement released this week, the Republican National Committee’s Michael Short explained:

With Hillary Clinton’s spending binge already at a trillion dollars and counting, it’s clear she wants to treat Americans’ tax dollars like every day is Black Friday with no plan to pay the bill. The real reason Hillary Clinton isn’t saying how she’ll pay for her trillion-dollar spending increase is because she knows it means raising taxes on the middle class.

Without going into detail, the Clinton campaign released a response insisting that the candidate has “bold, ambitious ideas” and plans to “pay for them without resorting to tax hikes on working families.”

The closest her camp has come to revealing a source for the spending her plans would require was a promise to “pay for these investments through business tax reform.”

Families making more than $250,000 per year should also brace for a steep tax hike under a Clinton administration. Though she has promised that American families under that threshold will not see a tax increase, the Washington Post’s left-leaning editorial board concluded otherwise.

There is simply no way that the federal government can meet its current fiscal commitments, plus the increased demands of an aging population, and provide the new forms of middle-class relief and business tax relief Ms. Clinton promises, while tapping only the top 3 percent of earners.

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