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Rock legend explains why he lets Trump use hit song

Politicians have relied on pop music to express a theme or message for generations, though the decision often has negative repercussions. Artists have frequently expressed displeasure with a candidate’s use of their work, in some cases citing ideological differences.

One rock star is making news this week, however, for expressly welcoming Donald Trump to use a particular single despite acknowledging that he does not endorse the brash billionaire’s politics. Still, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder admitted that the GOP presidential front-runner matches the spirit of his hit song We’re Not Gonna Take It.

I said, ‘Look, we don’t see eye to eye on everything—there are definitely issues that we’re far apart on.’ But thinking back to when I wrote the song and what the song is about, it’s about rebellion, speaking your mind and fighting the system. If anybody’s doing that, he sure is.

Snyder explained that Trump started off on a good foot by seeking permission before using the song at campaign events. Furthermore, he noted that he can appreciate the tycoon-turned-entertainer’s style.

And we’re friends. I have spent time with Donald and his family. I don’t think either of us expected that we would like each other, but you know, Donald Trump is a pretty chill guy. He’s a frontman. When that camera goes on, he furls his brow, he does his thing. Off-camera he’s very self-deprecating. He makes jokes about being too orange and about his hair.

Making it clear his remarks do not represent a Trump endorsement on any level, Snyder said that there is a candidate on the other side of the aisle in whom he sees similarly intriguing qualities.

Trump and Bernie Sanders are the two extremes. They’re raising holy hell and shaking everything up. That’s what We’re Not Gonna Take It is about.

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