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Paul Ryan pushes mental healthcare reform in wake of Colorado shooting

As many on the left pushed for restrictions on speech and guns after Friday’s mass shooting at a Colorado abortion clinic, House Speaker Paul Ryan was among the vocal advocates of mental healthcare reform. He urged legislators on Tuesday to pass a bill designed to assist those with mental illnesses while keeping society safe:

What happened [in Colorado Springs] is appalling, and justice should be swift. Clearly we can do more, and one common denominator in these tragedies is mental illness.

Written by psychologist and Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tim Murphy, the bill “would create a new assistant secretary for mental health,” The Hill’s Scott Wong reported, while removing “restrictions on Medicaid paying for certain mental healthcare.”

Ryan alluded to the calls for gun control emanating from the other side of the aisle, adding that he is “sure members of both parties have lots of ideas in this area.”

He insisted, however, an overhaul of the nation’s mental health system must be “a priority to prevent the violence and to protect our citizens.”

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