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Activists target hotel-room Bibles as radical Islam threatens U.S.

Barack Obama and his White House surrogates have positioned scapegoated communities – specifically gun owners – as the true antagonists, while repeatedly denouncing the imagined widespread Islamophobia they believe Americans embrace.

Numerous religious-bashing reactionaries blasted the sincere prayers being offered by Christians and Jews across the nation, with the New York Daily News earning some coverage for its incendiary front-page headline declaring that “God isn’t fixing this.”

Among the latest attempts at portraying Christians as villains is a complaint by the atheist activists at the Freedom from Religion Foundation. The group sent a letter to leaders in the hotel industry, urging them to remove so-called Gideon Bibles often found in guest rooms.

“Those who must read the [B]ible every day,” the letter stated, “will surely take precautions to travel with their own copies.”

Meanwhile, everyone else “deserves a break from the mindless evangelizing” the complimentary books apparently represent to FFRF officials.

Not satisfied with the assertion that non-believers are “deeply offended” by the covertly stashed text, the organization went on to describe God’s word as inherently violent.

“The Bible calls for killing nonbelievers, apostates, gays, ‘stubborn sons’ and women who transgress biblical double standards,” the letter alleged.

Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor – the group’s married co-presidents – penned the letter and sent copies to several hospitality chains. The move represents a step further than previous efforts to remove Bibles from lodging locations on public university property.

In some cases, such as with Iowa State University’s Hotel Memorial Union, the tactic was effective. Apparently emboldened by that success, Barker and Gaylor now hope to strip the religious text from all hotel guest rooms.

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  1. Get bent Atheist swine! You filthy libel/commie aren’t the only people with rights!


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