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Hundreds of activists ‘demand’ that Adele give all of her money to black people

While the wide-ranging rants populating are far too numerous to ridicule individually, a few demonstrate the utter depths to which social justice activists will dive in order to manufacture their latest cause of outrage. A petitioner named Rihanna Jones recently spearheaded one such effort, collecting online signatures to force popular singer Adele not only to “publicly recognize her white privilege,” but to go broke after donating the millions she has earned as an entertainer “to African-American causes such as #Blacklivesmatter.”

In a strained attempt to convince supporters that Adele’s success has nothing to do with her talent, Jones cited the fact that black artists she personally favors have not seen the same level of public praise.

“Adele’s album has sold more than albums from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Janet Jackson,” she wrote, “although these three beautiful ladies all had much better albums that were talked about more. The fawning over Adele by fans and the press continue to show how minorities are repressed in the music business.”

It is true that Jones’ is just one of many deep-left-field causes circulating the web via; however, this particular petition has already garnered the support of roughly 200 like-minded activists.

National Review’s Katherine Timpf took a major dig at those behind the petition, suggesting “Adele is an interesting target for this kind of criticism.”

Assuming the singer had an easy upbringing based on her skin tone, Timpf pointed out, is ignorant.

“Her father was an admitted drunk,” she wrote, “who walked out on the family when she was just three years old.”

Furthermore, even though Adele does belong to a majority race, Timpf noted that the singer endures a separate struggle in confronting those who harass her because of her weight.

She concluded that those caveats are not necessary, however, to prove Jones’ petition false.

“After all,” Timpf wrote, “even if Adele did have a privileged upbringing and was a size 0 with D-cups, saying that she has just ‘a little talent’ is objectively wrong.”

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