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DNC chair Wasserman Shultz wants taxpayers to pay for broke party’s convention


The behavior of party leaders orchestrating their respective 2016 presidential primaries has developed into a dichotomous narrative on multiple levels. For example, while the Democratic National Committee has faced allegations of attempting to force Hillary Clinton’s nomination, its Republican counterpart is accused of trying to prevent its front-runner from securing a party nod.

Perhaps the most notable contrast between the two parties, however, is found in their ledgers. Previous reports show a DNC deep in the red, with debt that far outstretches contributions. Meanwhile, the RNC has managed donations efficiently and currently has a healthy reserve of cash on hand.

A bill introduced by one Florida congresswoman could mean some financial relief for the debt-addled Democrats, though. That legislator, it is worth noting, is DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

According to the Washington Times, Schultz hopes to restore funding earmarked for the expenses associated with hosting primary conventions. Her proposal would give both parties roughly $20 million in taxpayer money.

Congress voted last year to curtail public funding of party primary expenses. Legislators opted to put that money to use by funding childhood disease research.

Following a 2012 election that saw both parties raise in excess of $1 billion, the general consensus was that the DNC and RNC could fend for themselves.

Whether through mismanagement or an uninspiring field of candidates, however, Schultz now finds herself at the helm of a struggling party. While her potential solution would benefit both parties, one RNC source said the committee is doing fine without Americans footing the bill.

“We support no taxpayer funding,” Allison Moore responded, “as long as there’s an alternate way for us to raise the funds to mount a successful convention.”

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