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Kasich campaign earns media coverage with Trump parody site

GOP presidential candidate John Kasich’s recent¬†campaign marketing effort sought to capitalize on the¬†friendly rhetoric between rival Donald Trump and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Following Putin’s description of the brash billionaire as a “colorful, talented person,” Trump responded by calling the compliment an “honor.”

Trump went on to express admiration for such a “highly respected” leader as Putin, even initially dismissing widespread allegations that the Russian leader has imprisoned or killed journalists critical of his regime.

“Our country does plenty of killing also,” Trump equivocated.

Kasich, who continues to languish along with several other candidates in the middle of a crowded field, has opted to use Trump’s controversial bonhomie toward Putin by promoting a fantastic 2016 ticket putting the two polarizing politicians together. According to a press release parody disseminated recently, Trump has chosen the Russian leader — constitutional restrictions be damned — as his running mate.

“In a bold and visionary move characteristic of everything he does,” the Kasich campaign-backed statement suggested, “today terrific billionaire Donald Trump named Russian President Vladimir Putin as his running mate in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.”

Accompanying the news release is a website,, which bears a slightly modified version of Trump’s current slogan.

“Make Tyranny Great Again,” the site declares.

Below some actual quote from each leader about the other, the faux campaign offered a few snarky warnings.

“Note: If a member of the media,” one section stated, “sign up at your own risk.”

A dedicated Trump-Putin 2016 Twitter feed on Saturday began tracking the fledgling — and fake — presidential ticket to end all presidential tickets.

“Who cares about the Constitution,” one tweet asked, “when you have something as amazing as TRUMP-PUTIN 2016?!”


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