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Sen. Paul introduces bill that would de-fang Obama’s anti-gun executive action

As America awaits the latest fiat ruling from the Obama administration, gun owners worry how a promised anti-gun order will affect the ostensibly free exercise of their Second Amendment rights. Republican Sen. Rand Paul, between campaign events related to his 2016 White House bid, introduced a bill designed to ensure that the right to bear arms is not further winnowed under the current regime.

The Kentucky lawmaker’s bill states that its purpose is to “provide that any executive action that infringes on the powers and duties of Congress” on the issue “has no force or effect.”

Reacting to “the sense of Congress” that such an order will be announced soon, the bill would – in addition to nullifying such executive action – prohibit the use of public funding to enforce the new regulations and provide standing for civil suits to be filed by those adversely affected by them.

Aside from his congressional senses, Paul’s forecast of a new anti-gun executive order was validated by White House spokesperson Jen Psaki. She recently confirmed that Obama will within the next few weeks be announcing his plan to unilaterally scale back the Second Amendment.


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