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Professor caught on tape comparing tea party to Nazis

Editor’s note: This report originally appeared on The Informed Conservative. In light of the leftist indoctrination currently taking place on college campuses across the U.S., it is republished here with permission.

In a video recorded by a South Texas College student, Dr. Blake Armstrong uses his classroom as a forum for levying slanderous accusations against conservatives. The psychology professor compared the Tea Party movement to the Nazi Party in the shocking rant.

“They’ve won seats. They’re like the Tea Party! That’s such a good example.”

Armstrong then cautioned his students against sharing his outrageous views with anyone outside of the classroom before continuing the tirade.

“But in the sense of how they politically came to power, there’s a good analogy there — that eventually people realized, oh, these Nazis, they’re are a bunch of nuts. These Tea Party people are a bunch of nuts. I mean, the analogy really is a good analogy.”

According to the student responsible for recording the professor’s comments, this was hardly his first foray into bashing conservatives from behind the podium.

On at least three other occasions, the student said Armstrong “insulted Republicans,” including an exchange just prior to his recorded comments in which he bashed Sen. Ted Cruz “for using the last name Cruz to win his election.”


3 Comments on Professor caught on tape comparing tea party to Nazis

  1. He is the Nazi…


  2. He obviously doesn’t know what a Nazi is since he’s comparing them to a group of republicans who just want to give us our rights back and leave us the hell alone. The Nazis murdered millions of innocent people. Stupid, ignorant, imbecile shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near students.


    • The Tea Party isn’t/wasn’t the Republicans. To many in the movement the Republicans are as much the enemy as the Democrats. What this so-called professor (should mean an informed person) doesn’t understand is the difference is the Tea Party is a totally grass roots movement that is very anti-big government movement with no central leadership. The NASI’s were national socialist with a very structured big government, centralize power focus. They were in effect the Democratic party of today. S. Texas should immediately fire this professor for being both ignorant of history but also an idiot.


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