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Professor’s NYT op-ed: Second Amendment advocates are racist

According to University of Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting, those who favor laws upholding the constitutional right to bear arms are, by their very advocacy, fomenting racist hate across the U.S.

“The case for the racist effect of our permissive gun laws is especially powerful,” he wrote in a recent New York Times editorial.

In making his case, he used the ostensible logic that, since many whites favor legal gun ownership and many blacks are killed by guns, the former group must be intolerant of the latter.

“If we fail to oppose with equal passion and vigor the relentless political pressure of (mostly white) gun advocates,” he asserted, “we force a large number of black citizens to live with the constant threat of gun violence.”

Briefly acknowledging the obvious fallacies of his argument, Gutting brushed them all off as “gun-lobby arguments” that he was “not concerned with refuting.”


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